About Us

We are a full service research and evaluation firm based in Vancouver, BC.  We work with non-profit and for profit organizations as well as government agencies, providing innovative approaches to research and evaluation.

We approach our work with the intent of being equitable, innovative and respectful. We use participatory and developmental methods that allow for research and evaluation to be more of a process than an outcome. We strive to ensure that there is direct participation in the research by those who are the subject of the study. Not about us, without us. We also focus on the development of an organization’s capacity to be involved in evaluation.

Core areas of  specialization include:

Our Vision

A healthy, vibrant society that is supported by thriving organisations that are working to their full capacity to meet their community needs

Our Mission

To conduct program evaluation and research that supports our clients and communities to learn and make evidence informed decisions which ultimately results in positive change. We strive to:

  • Listen to our clients and community needs
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Apply research methods in an ethical and rigorous way
  • Share what is learned in a way that is useful and engaging.