Data Collection


We collect data to answer evaluation and research questions.

Our services include the analysis of existing data, and, when no data exists, developing the tools to collect it. Our data collection services are typically employed as part of our evaluation services, however data collection services can also be used effectively for one-time projects depending on your needs. For more information about our evaluation services, please visit our Evaluation page.


We are experienced in designing a variety of survey tools. Our team can professionally build and implement online surveys designed to reach small groups or thousands of peoplesuch as customized program, event or workshop surveys to gather participant feedback and employee engagement surveys to generate key insights into your own organization. 

Online surveys provide an economical way to collect information from just a few people or thousands. Our team can work with you to design and implement your survey on a professional platform, branded to your organization. Your data is always stored in Canada.

Our team can also develop plans to speed up and increase response rates and once completed, provide you with raw data or analyze it, including the creation of unique visualizations and communication tools tailored to your needs.
Hosting an event or workshop and want to be able to understand how well organized or effective it was? Our team can create professional event surveys and evaluation forms for you to distribute in either online or hard copy formats. After the event, we can enter and provide you with the raw data or analyze it and provide you with professionally designed summaries that can easily be shared with your stakeholders or clients.
Human Resources
Employee engagement surveys provide insight into how engaged your staff are and give them an opportunity to have a voice in your organization. Our team can design cost effective professional survey tools and implement panel discussions that can engage and collect usable information from your staff. We can make sense of the information and provide you with customized visualizations that you can use as communication and decision-making tools.


We use interviews to gather information from a variety of perspectives about the development, implementation, and outcomes of program. Our team conducts semi-structured interviews which consist of open-ended questions to allow interviewees to comment on pre-determined topics in a flexible, conversational style.  

Our staff are trained to conduct interviews in a genuine, respectful and non-judgemental manner. This gives space for interviewees to reflect and explore a topic while ensuring we collect the data we need. Members of our team have extensive experience engaging and conducting interviews with vulnerable populations as well as people with lived/living experience. 

Focus Groups

Focus groups involve interviewing small groups of people to explore how they perceive a particular topic. Focus groups can be particularly helpful when you need to generate detailed information or need a variety of perspectives on a topic in a short amount of time or when you want to highlight the stories/journeys of those who use or benefit from a program/service in an anonymous way. Our team has the experience, flexibility and infrastructure to conduct focus groups in a variety of ways, such as in-person, by teleconference or using virtual platforms.  


Panels bring together a small group of people, on a continuous or periodic basis to discuss a particular topic. Panels can be helpful when you need specialized input or opinions and can also help validate different actions or recommendations. Our team has experience collecting panel data by using interviews, surveys and focus groups.  

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