Kaity McLaughlin


Kaity McLaughlin

Research and Evaluation Analyst

Kaity holds a Master of Public Health from UBC and a Bachelor of Nutritional Science from McGill University. Throughout her career in healthcare, she has transitioned between clinical and non-clinical roles. As a Registered Dietitian, Kaity has served in various settings including hospitals, communities, and non-profits, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to support patients. Kaity enjoys helping people meet their nutrition goals and continues to see patients through private practice.

Beyond her clinical work, Kaity has supported healthcare institutions with planning, implementing, and evaluating health-related programs. She coordinated the implementation of a new clinical treatment program at BC Children’s Hospital, conducted research with the Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program and led evaluation activities at the IBD Centre of BC. Kaity’s approach integrates her clinical experience with her analytical skills, enabling her to translate evidence into practice.

Kaity is currently supporting several primary care evaluations across the province. She is passionate about using engagement, evaluation, and research to support communities.

Outside of work, Kaity enjoys spending time in nature including backpacking, skiing, and rock climbing. She also enjoys cooking and trying new restaurants.