Our Commitment


Wunderstand the way we conduct evaluation and research matters to our clients and their communities just as much as the final product we produce.

As such, we uphold a commitment to do work in a way that addresses inequities and honours the environment and our place in it.

Commitment to Equity

Various historic and structural inequities, due to discrimination based on race, immigration status, cultural or linguistic background, class, economic status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and disability, have created barriers to accessing health and social services/programs. These inequities also create barriers for individuals to participate fully in research and program evaluation involving their communities.

To address these inequities, we aim to employ an equity and strengths-based lens to our work. This lens helps us to:

  • Understand how inequity impacts those served by our client organizations, and what this means for the evaluation
  • Approach our work with humility and an openness to understand and learn
  • Engage stakeholders and community groups in a safe and appropriate way, and seek to involve them at every stage of the evaluation
  • Build the capacity of our clients and their key stakeholders

We believe this leads to more meaningful dialogue, more useful work, and better outcomes for those we serve.

Commitment to Sustainability

In our work, we are aware that our activities can have an impact not only on our clients, but on the environment as well. Our understanding of sustainability and our approach to it is evident in our work, the materials we produce, and the materials we purchase.  

When possible, purchasing is done locally and the materials we are required to produce, such as reports and even business cards, are printed using vegetable based inks on 100% recycled paper. When we are required to travel, a conscious effort is made to reduce our carbon impact.