About Our Panels

Our panels have the capacity to bring together diverse groups of people from regions all over the country. As a Panel Member, you will be provided with an opportunity to express your opinions and share your knowledge on a wide array of topics. Our Panel Members also have chances to be rewarded for taking the time to tell us what they think. As a Panel Member, you may be offered an opportunity to enter prize draws or be paid for your involvement.

At all times, the personal information we collect from you is treated as confidential. When we use information that you have provided to us, it will be anonymized and not used in a way that could identify you. You can view our privacy policies here.

As a Panel Member, from time-to-time, you will be invited to participate in on-line discussions, surveys or focus groups. When invited to participate in a research study, you may receive an email with a direct link to a survey or discussion or an opportunity to register for a focus group.  Information provided by our Panel Members is often used by our clients to make informed decisions for their organisations.

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