Evaluation 101


Join us to learn the basics of evaluation!

Designed for government and non-government organizations, development agencies and private companies as well as grant managers, independent contractors and students, our mobile, interactive workshop allows participants to learn from professional evaluators with more than 20 years’ experience in the field.  

In this workshop you learn about: 

  • What evaluation is and how to decide what type of evaluation will best meet your needs 
  • How to use evaluation information to drive evidence based decisions and inform communication and marketing tools  
  • How to identify evaluation objectives/questions and develop a workable plan 
  • How to identify what data collection methods will best meet your needs and how to develop them
  • How to effectively communicate evaluation findings 

The workshop is delivered over 1 day or in two modules (approximately 4-6 hours each). These modules can be tailored to fit your organization’s unique evaluation needs and strategies. If you are interested in bringing this workshop or any of the modules to your community or organization, contact Taryn at taryn@reichertandassociates.ca or call 1.604.428.2478. 

Upcoming Dates: 

TBA | Vancouver